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Ignite Your Startup Dreams with 1840 Ventures

Empowering student and alumni entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Why Choose 1840 Ventures

We’re not just investors; we’re partners in your entrepreneurial journey. Our dedication to fostering academic innovation sets us apart. Here’s why entrepreneurs like you choose us:

Tailored to Academic Entrepreneurs

1840 Ventures focuses on funding startups led by college students and alumni. We’re dedicated to growing ideas into market innovations.

Nurturing Groundbreaking Ideas

We invest in the potential of university-born ideas, supporting academic ventures. With us, your innovative ideas receive the nurturing they need to thrive.

A Diverse Investment Portfolio

Innovation knows no bounds, and neither do we. Our investments span across various sectors, from cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions and more. 

More Than Just Funding

You receive hands-on mentorship. We connect you with experienced mentors and an extensive network, providing you with the resources you need to succeed.

Strong Academic Partnerships

We work closely with universities to ensure our entrepreneurs receive the best support and resources. Thus creating an environment for innovation and success.

Commitment to Long-Term Growth

We are dedicated to the long-term growth of our portfolio companies, offering further assistance as your startup scales and evolves. Your success is our success.

What We Offer

1840 Ventures is more than just a funding source. Our offerings are designed to provide comprehensive support, guiding your startup from an initial idea to a thriving enterprise.

Sponsoring Startup Ventures

Seed Funding

Begin with up to $50,000 in pre-seed funding from 1840 Ventures to turn your idea into a viable business. This capital allows you to concentrate on product and strategy development, signifying our belief in your success.

Curated Guidance

Mentorship and Support

We offer more than just funding; we provide a robust network of mentors and industry experts. Their guidance covers business strategy, marketing, product development, and networking to ensure you have the tools for entrepreneurial success.

Students mentorship & support
Educational integration
Educational Ties

Educational Integration

Leveraging our academic ties, we connect startups with university resources, talent, and partnership opportunities. We utilize academic knowledge to fuel your startup’s growth and innovation, bridging academia and entrepreneurship for a thriving business.

Eligibility Criteria

At 1840 Ventures, our mission is to empower student and alumni entrepreneurs who are on the cusp of innovation and change. If you’re wondering whether your startup aligns with our vision, here are the key criteria to consider for eligibility:

Student or Alumni Leadership

Your startup should be founded and led by current college students or alumni. We believe in the unique perspective and drive that comes from the academic community, and our support is exclusively dedicated to fostering these entrepreneurial minds.

Stage of Development

We primarily focus on two stages:

Ideation Stage: Are you at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? We embrace early ideas and concepts that are ready to be nurtured into viable businesses.

Early-Stage Ventures: If your startup has moved beyond the ideation phase and is in the early stages of development, we are keen to support your growth and help you achieve critical milestones.

Innovation and Potential Impact

We look for startups that promise innovation and potential for significant impact. Whether it’s a novel technology, a groundbreaking service, or a unique product, your idea should have the potential to make a substantial difference in your chosen sector.

Commitment to Growth

Entrepreneurs seeking investment from 1840 Ventures should demonstrate a clear commitment to growth and scaling. We seek founders who are passionate, resilient, and ready to take their startups to the next level.

Alignment with Our Sectors of Interest

While we are sector-agnostic, we have a keen interest in ventures that align with our diverse portfolio, including technology, healthcare, sustainable solutions, and consumer products. We encourage applications from a wide range of sectors that show promise for innovation and disruption.

Academic Collaboration

A strong connection or potential for collaboration with academic institutions is highly valued. We believe in leveraging academic resources and networks to bolster startup growth and success.

Application Process

We’ve streamlined our application procedure into three simple steps, ensuring clarity and ease for aspiring student and alumni entrepreneurs.


Prepare Your Application

Begin by preparing an application package. This should include a detailed business plan, an explanation of your product or service, market analysis, and a clear outline of your goals.


Submit Your Application

Submit it through our online portal once ready. Ensure that all required fields are completed and that your documentation is thorough. You will get an email acknowledging receipt.


Final Review and Decision

Our team will review your application, assessing it against our investment criteria.  Once the review is complete, we will inform you of our decision and if successful, discuss the next steps.

FAQs for Future Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re curious about the extent of our design services, the depth of our operational support, or the range of funding options available, we’ve got the answers to help you.