Your Ideal Team for Early-Stage Startups

1840 Ventures is a forward-looking venture capital firm with a distinct and exclusive focus on investing in college students and alumni. We believe in the potential of the academic community to foster innovation, drive entrepreneurship, and lead industries into the future. Our investment thesis revolves around the idea that young, ambitious individuals, armed with education and fresh perspectives, are uniquely positioned to create disruptive startups that will shape tomorrow’s business landscape.


What’s in a Name?

Innovation and fast-paced change defined the year 1840 as the world transitioned from the first Industrial Revolution to the second, forever upending the foundations of society.

A world previously stunted by disconnection and scarcity suddenly launched towards rapid growth never before seen in history. Like the year 1840, we strive to be revolutionary in your pivotal point of transition—from seed funding to post-IPO.

About Us

1840 Ventures is committed to transforming academic innovation into commercial success by investing in student and alumni-led startups across diverse industries. These core principles drive us towards continuous improvement, guiding our business mission and vision.

Leading with Insight

Our Vision

At 1840 Ventures, we believe the next great business leaders are in today’s academic institutions, incubating ideas that have the potential to revolutionize industries. Our vision is to be the catalyst that transforms these academic innovations into tomorrow’s leading enterprises.

Pioneer Goal

Our Mission

We are on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of venture capital by providing more than just funding. Our approach is to foster a generational shift towards innovation and entrepreneurship within the academic sphere, serving as the bridge that connects the entrepreneurial spirit of academia with the strategic prowess of the corporate world.

Our mission
What we do
Cutting edge Method

What We Do

1840 Ventures exclusively invests in startups led by college students and alumni. Our portfolio spans across all sectors, reflecting our belief in the diversity of innovation — from cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions. We provide hands-on mentorship, strategic guidance, and operational support to ensure each venture we back is poised for success.

state of the art uniqueness

Why We're Different

Our dedication to fostering academic innovation sets us apart. We cultivate strong partnerships with educational institutions to create a thriving environment for student and alumni entrepreneurs. We’re committed to the long-term growth of our portfolio companies, offering continuous support and industry connections to maximize each investment’s impact.

Venture Capital Firms

We work with clients funded by the most renowned venture capital organizations,
corporate venture units, and private equity firms.

Incubators and Accelerators

We pick up where some of the most recognized incubators and accelerators leave off to
continue supporting our clients’ high growth and market disruption.