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A venture capital fund dedicated to bridging the gap between campus innovation to corporate success.

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We exclusively support startups founded by students & alumni

Highly-vetted investments from institutional managers

Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Academia

We believe that universities are powerhouses of fresh ideas ready to change the world. We’re here to support students and alumni with funding and advice, helping to turn dreams into businesses.

From Classroom to Market

We turn student and alumni ideas into successful businesses by providing the starting funds and help they need to bring their academic ideas to the market.

Guided by Expert Experience

We help student founders learn from experienced businesspeople to guide them on their startup path with knowledge and confidence.

Diverse Innovation Portfolio

We invest in all kinds of smart ideas, from tech to eco-friendly projects, to bring many different innovative solutions to life. Explore diversity today.

Investing in the Vanguard of Academic Innovation

At 1840 Ventures, we believe that the next big companies will start at universities. Here are the main points of our investment plan:

Academic excellence
Creating and Funding New Ventures

Academic Innovation

We invest in ventures that leverage the knowledge and creativity emerging from academic institutions. We believe that the nexus of academia and entrepreneurship is where groundbreaking ideas are born and executed.

Future Focused

Student and Alumni-Led

We exclusively support startups founded and led by current college students and alumni. We consider this demographic to be a wellspring of untapped potential.

Student or alumni entrepreneurs
Broad spectrum of innovation
Innovating Through Diversity

Diverse Sectors

Our investments span across a diverse array of sectors, from technology and healthcare to sustainable solutions, consumer products, and beyond. Innovation knows no bounds.

Accelerated Mentorship

Mentorship and Guidance

Beyond capital, we offer invaluable mentorship and guidance to our portfolio companies. We connect founders with experienced mentors, opening doors to expertise, networks, and exclusive industry insights.

Empowerment through mentorship

We're With You from Inception to Success




Craft your story


Set your own terms


Prepare your legal docs


Launch your funding round

Charting the Path to Meaningful Impact

At 1840 Ventures, our goal is more than financial success; it’s about inspiring a new generation in schools to innovate and start businesses. Here’s what success looks like to us:

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs

To create a robust community of student entrepreneurs who can bring their visions to the global stage.

Fostering Trailblazing Innovation

To introduce new solutions to the market that solve pressing challenges and open up new opportunities.

Amplifying Industry Disruption

To back ventures that redefine industries, setting new standards, creating waves of change, and more.

Strengthening Educational Ties

To create a supportive environment that connects academia and industry, helping entrepreneurial talent grow.

Contributing to Economic Growth

To create sustainable economic growth by empowering the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Catalyzing Advancement

To drive the progress and change of cutting-edge and revolutionary ideas that can redefine and shape the future.

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