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As your business grows, so do your needs. At 1840, our services are designed with the breadth and depth to bridge the gaps in your resource needs—whatever they may be. Leverage our expert resources today.

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Organizational Development

Organizational Development

C++ Developer

previously at coinbase

Marketing Analyst

Previously at slack

Financial Analyst

Previously at Accenture

Product Support

previously at uber

Data Enrichment

previously at UIPath

Vetted Professionals in 150 Countries

By partnering with us, you open up access to our global marketplace of industry experts. We are equipped to support your growing needs with high-level and tactical skills as well as quality outsourcing solutions.

In Language

Our global contact centers employ multi-lingual agents, proficient in English, French, Spanish, and many other languages, so communication is smooth and in your desired native tongue.


Our global capabilities enable us to identify and vet candidates in your native country. Regardless of your location, we deliver in-country talent to support your local nuanced needs.


Never sacrificing language quality, our offshore network operates in English from the Philippines, French from Morocco, Spanish from Mexico, and in many other languages and locations.


Recruiting Top Talent

Regardless of your company's size, our seasoned professionals augment your team at its weakest points. We infuse your team with talent to enhance the smooth function and long-term success of your business.

Recruiting Top Talent

Exclusive Resource Network

With near-immediate availability and high-level industry skills, our professionals pair seamlessly with your company culture and job competency needs.

Dynamic and

From 1 to 100 people, we provide you the number of team members you need exactly when you need them. Elasticity is built into the fabric of how we function.

Deep-Rooted Process Rigor

Systematically refined over time, our processes consistently deliver results for our clients across many industries, so your company won't have to endure a troubleshooting phase.

We're Here to Support Your Growing Needs.

Spanning a comprehensive list of professional disciplines, our resources and outsourcing services are tailored to meet your individualized and changing needs. As your company scales, we provide the resources you need to continue delivering quality services for your clients.


Scale your customers, and build brand loyalty by ensuring your customers experience the high-quality and clear communication of our global contact centers.

Back Office

Maximize your team's efficiency and your company's digital security through our data management and enrichment processes, always designed for human needs.


Gain a competitive edge by unlocking exclusive access to market intelligence, trend detection, and insights from our experts as well as unique discounts and benefits.


Establish confidence in your numbers, and grow your bottom line with strategy through our bookkeeping services, financial analysts, or by working with a CFO.


Spark customer engagement through a compelling brand, growth marketing, and captivating designs—all created by our individual freelancers, teams, or CMOs.


Ensure a holistic digital experience for your customers by leveraging our front end, back end, and app development services—from single developer to CTO.

Jumpstart Your Business

With the magic of our model, you can focus on building your product or service while we support your unique areas of need. Partner with us to transform your concept into a company.

Find Funding

1840 Capital

We connect you with the initial funding, support, and relationships you need to turn your bold idea into reality.


Investor Identification

Raise Process Management

Influencer Forward Strategy

Raise - Fund Administration

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Locate Support

1840 Studio

We support your early-stage startup with design expertise, operational resources, and capital to grow your business.


Build and Fund Startups

Concept to Company

Scale Faster, Scale Bigger

Co-founder Relationship

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